Wednesday, May 1, 2013

If you BUILD it, they will come (again and again) …

Join me for LIGHT MANUFACTURING DISCOVERY DAY on Monday, May 6th from 12 pm to 2 pm in Troy, MI (lunch is provided). Learn about a light manufacturing business-to-business opportunity.  This concept leverages your marketing, sales and management skills on a traditional Monday-Friday schedule.

Our economy has for generations been fueled by manufacturing, both heavy and light.  Light manufacturing is an environment with no loud noises, no noxious odors, no dangerous chemicals, and no dangerous equipment.  Much of the light manufacturing over the years has gone overseas due to economics. Some manufacturing remains here due to different factors including; technology, unique raw materials, the need to be close to the customer, or the custom nature of small run production.

Some people have the desire to make a product from raw materials.  They like the process involved in manufacturing.  They like the tangible results of what they have made.  They like the single location nature of the industry, the regular hours it operates, the project scheduling, the potential to someday purchase their own building adding to their retirement investments and they understand the high resale value of a manufacturing business.

Picture yourself running a manufacturing business where your staff makes a product from raw materials.

It’s custom production. Every project is different; every day is different. You will see tangible, visible results of your efforts driving home.

It’s close to home, in a low overhead, business park location, operating Monday-Friday, 9-5 (no nights, no weekends and no holidays) with a small staff of career employees. Your business will offer recession-resistant products that every business needs, and about 80% of sales are traditionally generated from 30-50 corporate accounts.

To register, please visit today!  Feel free to contact me with any questions at 616-891-1374 or

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