Monday, May 13, 2013

So, Why Should I Pay a Franchise Fee When I Could Just Start My Own Business?

This is a common question when people first think about franchising. The franchise fee may be daunting at first blush. However, when you break down the components and what you'll be receiving, that fee may make a lot more sense.

What are you getting from the franchise fee?

·     The Brand: Most franchised brands have a proven success record and a built-in identity. Just think of the time and cost that would be required trying to find the right logo, develop radio and TV commercials, and design other marketing pieces on your own. What are the true odds that your marketing would work?

·      Systems and Operations: Do you know the steps needed to launch and operate your business efficiently? Do you know the steps to make your business effective? With a franchise, you have vast resources and an operating plan to follow, as well as “sister” franchise owners that can help provide best practices.

·     Computer Systems:  Franchises may have computer engineers that develop specific computer systems that maximize efficiency and front-of-house speed.  Hand in hand with operations – the computer system may assist with inventory, sales reporting, cash handling, labor scheduling and more.

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