Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Webinar: Three Low-Cost, Affordable Franchise Opportunities

We’ve all heard it.  It’s one of those myths that permeate the franchising industry everyday: “Investing in a franchise is just too expensive.”  Well, this webinar is meant to dispel that myth and open your eyes to low-cost, affordable franchise systems.  We’ll feature three rapidly-growing franchise systems that are actively looking for potential franchisees in your area. 
This quick-hitting webinar will bring you up-to-speed on three affordable opportunities in franchising.  Spend a lunch learning ways in which you can invest in yourself through business ownership affordably and effectively. 
To learn more, tune in to our Brown Bag Webinar series. Lunch and learn first-hand from three exciting franchise opportunities about their programs. It is a win-win solution!
You’ll discover:
• The cost to invest in a franchise.
• What’s in a “Day in the Life” of a franchisee.
• How to capitalize on your strengths and goals to find your ideal business.
• Three concepts looking to expand.
Please join me for this webinar on Thursday, May 30 at 12pm.  To sign up, all you need to do is visit michiganfranchiseforum.com and look for webinars in the bottom-right corner. 
And, as always, if you have any questions, you can contact me at 616-891-1374 or bbetser@frannet.com.  All of my services, consultations, workshops and more are FREE to you.  You can also visit my blog at frannetofwestmichigan.blogspot.com for more information about franchising.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Is There a Way to Create an Investment AND Help Your Child Start Their Professional Career?

With a lot of students having just completed their college courses, earning their diploma and starting their search for the real world - this article may definitely resonate with some readers. If this article seems to resonate with you, your family and financial statement, I definitely recommend that you attend one of my two upcoming ABSOLUTELY FREE seminars about franchising.  "Business Ownership Options" will help tell you more about three different business ownership options while taking a deep dive into the world of franchising..  These will take place on Tuesday, May 21 (Kalamazoo) and Tuesday, June 25 (Grand Rapids).  For more info, and to RSVP, please visit frannet.com/bbetser.

It’s tough watching as your child sits by looking to enter the real world, fighting a tough job market. Stats show that it takes an average of 8 months for recent college graduates to find a job.  Approximately 22 million young adults are living with their parents (Source:  SmartMoney). Terms like fiscal cliff and debt ceiling probably add a bit of doubt to whether your child will still be waiting tables, or enter into a professional career with a steady paycheck. At the same time, you may be wondering about your stocks and 401(k).  Is there a better investment that isn’t as dependent on Wall Street?

Franchising can give you a solution to both of your problems.
Starting a franchise is truly an investment in yourself and your family, backed by a proven business system.

Getting your child involved.
Will there be another manager that you can trust more so than one you know intimately?  If you truly believe that your child can succeed, and they just need a chance, why not give it to them?  Get your child involved early in the process, including doing the research on the available franchises – they will become further vested in the process and feel like a true managing partner.  At the same time, you can help mold and guide them as an early manager.  You may have some disagreements about how to run the business, but you will know how to work with your child (compared to a unrelated person).

Real-life stories from the COLLEGE campus.
Many colleges and universities are beginning to recognize the important role that entrepreneurism may very well play in their students NEAR future. Many students are starting to take entrepreneurship classes and learning about how they can take things into their own hands. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and evaluating opportunities for franchise entrepreneurs, the development of appropriate strategies and plans, and the implementation and launch of a new franchise. One instructor from Saginaw Valley State University, Andrew Anderson, MBA, tells us that FOUR of his students have gone on to open franchises in the past couple years, upon graduation. You can learn more about the college’s unique curriculum at www.svsu.edu/cbm.

A better investment.
Can owning a franchise(and believing in your family) be a better investment tool than stocks? Now, every situation is different, and some can do better than others in the stock market.  But look at the results from 2012.

               - Dow Jones Industrial Average: +0.13%  
               - NASDAQ: 0.12%
·             - S&P 500:  -0.00%  (barely down)

Pretty flat!  Do your research, team up with FranNet, and make an investment in your future (and your child’s future!)

FranNet exists to start you on the road to success through FREE consulting services.  I am here to meet with you, talk about your goals and aspirations, and see if franchising is right for you and your family. There may be one or more options that fit your criteria, and the skills and personality of your son or daughter. I can help you and your family investigate the perfect franchise concepts that may prove to be a great match for you.  Give me a call at616-891-1374 or email me at bbetser@frannet.com, and let’s have a conversation about how franchising can give you a better investment vehicle, and help your child start their professional career!

Monday, May 13, 2013

So, Why Should I Pay a Franchise Fee When I Could Just Start My Own Business?

This is a common question when people first think about franchising. The franchise fee may be daunting at first blush. However, when you break down the components and what you'll be receiving, that fee may make a lot more sense.

What are you getting from the franchise fee?

·     The Brand: Most franchised brands have a proven success record and a built-in identity. Just think of the time and cost that would be required trying to find the right logo, develop radio and TV commercials, and design other marketing pieces on your own. What are the true odds that your marketing would work?

·      Systems and Operations: Do you know the steps needed to launch and operate your business efficiently? Do you know the steps to make your business effective? With a franchise, you have vast resources and an operating plan to follow, as well as “sister” franchise owners that can help provide best practices.

·     Computer Systems:  Franchises may have computer engineers that develop specific computer systems that maximize efficiency and front-of-house speed.  Hand in hand with operations – the computer system may assist with inventory, sales reporting, cash handling, labor scheduling and more.

Interested in learning more about franchising?  I invite you to attend my workshop, “Business Ownership Options.”  This FREE workshop is on May 21 at 10:00 am in Kalamazoo, MI.  Consider me your franchising coach … all of my services are FREE to you, with no obligation!   Please visit michiganfranchiseforum.com  to register.  You can also contact me at 616-891-1374 or bbetser@frannet.com if you have any questions. .

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

If you BUILD it, they will come (again and again) …

Join me for LIGHT MANUFACTURING DISCOVERY DAY on Monday, May 6th from 12 pm to 2 pm in Troy, MI (lunch is provided). Learn about a light manufacturing business-to-business opportunity.  This concept leverages your marketing, sales and management skills on a traditional Monday-Friday schedule.

Our economy has for generations been fueled by manufacturing, both heavy and light.  Light manufacturing is an environment with no loud noises, no noxious odors, no dangerous chemicals, and no dangerous equipment.  Much of the light manufacturing over the years has gone overseas due to economics. Some manufacturing remains here due to different factors including; technology, unique raw materials, the need to be close to the customer, or the custom nature of small run production.

Some people have the desire to make a product from raw materials.  They like the process involved in manufacturing.  They like the tangible results of what they have made.  They like the single location nature of the industry, the regular hours it operates, the project scheduling, the potential to someday purchase their own building adding to their retirement investments and they understand the high resale value of a manufacturing business.

Picture yourself running a manufacturing business where your staff makes a product from raw materials.

It’s custom production. Every project is different; every day is different. You will see tangible, visible results of your efforts driving home.

It’s close to home, in a low overhead, business park location, operating Monday-Friday, 9-5 (no nights, no weekends and no holidays) with a small staff of career employees. Your business will offer recession-resistant products that every business needs, and about 80% of sales are traditionally generated from 30-50 corporate accounts.

To register, please visit frannet.com/bbetser today!  Feel free to contact me with any questions at 616-891-1374 or bbetser@frannet.com.