Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Training for Future BUSINESS OWNERS Kicks Off With a Webinar Doubleheader on February 25

MLB Spring Training has started, and while it might not be sunny Lakeland, FL, you can get business start-up training Wednesday from the warm comfort of your home or office with two online events. Also, the more hardy souls can join us in a Clarkston on Tuesday in a toasty library for franchise basics. Read on...

WEBINAR ONE:  Light Manufacturing Business Opportunity – Webinar
Wednesday, February 25, 2:00 – 3:00pm EST

Learn the ins and the outs of one of FranNet’s unique business opportunities that offers many of the features and benefits of a franchise, but with NO ROYALTIES and NO RULES!

  • Light manufacturing, professional business-to-business format:
  • Leverages owner’s marketing/sales/management skills
  • Traditional business hours (M-F, 8:30-5:30)
  • Requires few employees and with higher skill levels
  • Offers recession-resistant products that every business needs.
  • High repeat business: About 80% of sales are generated by 30 to 50 corporate accounts.
  • Hear from the founder and president of the company, as well as several business unit owners in varying stages of growth.

Our economy has for generations been fueled by manufacturing, both heavy and light. Light manufacturing is an environment with no loud noises, no noxious odors, no dangerous chemicals, and no dangerous equipment.  Much of the light manufacturing over the years has gone overseas due to economics.  Some manufacturing remains here due to different factors including; technology, unique raw materials, the need to be close to the customer, or the custom nature of small run production.

WEBINAR TWO:  Semi-Absentee Ownership Model in Health Care Industry
Wednesday, February 25, 8:00 – 9:30pm EST

This Franchisor Spotlight will explore a franchise situated in a multibillion-dollar industry and growing. The franchisor highlights are:

Semi-absentee opportunity
Multiple revenue streams provide residual income from repeat clients and product sales
Staff ratio: Dedicated franchisor staff to franchisee ratio
Quick ramp up potential
Ongoing franchisor support and marketing and PR assistance.

With a proven business system, the franchisor is a leader in its category, providing clients with a comprehensive program that blends one-on-one support and education with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re looking to take an active role in the operation of the franchise or hire key personnel to manage the franchise as a semi-absentee owner, this offers both!

FREE EVENT IN CLARKSTON:  Is Franchising Right For You?
Tuesday, February 24, 7:00 – 8:30pm EST

Have you been considering business ownership as a career change, a supplemental income source or an additional layer of retirement security? Have you stopped short of looking into franchising because you think it’s all fast food, or it’s too expensive?

Linda Belford, franchise placement specialist from FranNet, will bust some common franchise myths, and enlighten you on the wide-range of categories and investment levels available today. She will also discuss the various entry strategies available in the world of franchising, ranging from single unit owner/operator to semi-absentee investor to regional developer.

You’ll learn whether franchising could be a path for achieving your goals, and if so, how to go about finding the RIGHT fit for you!

Following is a brief outline of the topics covered in FranNet’s seminar:
General discussion of the reasons that compel individuals to start their own business in the first place.
A comparison of the pros and cons of starting a business from scratch, buying an existing business or starting a franchise.
How franchising can provide a desirable alternative to traditional employment by reducing the risk of ownership to an acceptable level through proven business systems, comprehensive training and ongoing support.
Basic information on franchising, including the range of industry categories, entry and long-term strategies, investment levels and fees.
The legal regulations governing franchising that protect the buyer.
A strategic approach to defining your personal business model, quantifying your returns and safely researching and selecting the business opportunity that’s right for you.
Growth trends and choices in franchising that offer stability and success in weak and strong economies.
A brief overview of FranNet’s no-fee, no-obligation consulting service is also provided.

Are you ready to get out there, show the world what you’ve got and make the big leagues!  Even the great pros need coaches. Let me be your coach as you begin a strategic franchise search. As a FranNet Consultant, I have helped many people find a great franchise fit and start on the road to success.  If you have any questions about franchising, my free events or my free consultation, please reach out by calling 616-891-1374 or emailing

Also, keep an eye out for other free events and webinars listed to the right side of the screen.

Spring training is the time when the Big League roster is determined and the chosen few head north. Are you ready to be amongst leaders and best!

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