Friday, February 13, 2015

It’s a Week About Love … Do You Love Your Career?

Valentine’s Day is filled with hearts, chocolate, cupid and roses.   Love is in the air.

I think before we go any further here we need to first consider what the definition of love is.  And we need to realize that the definition of love may be different for each of you.  It may also be different within each scenario in which it is applied.

Love can be such a strong word.  You can love those shoes.  You can love pepperoni pizza.  You can love your significant other.  But did you know you can “love” your career too?

According to a Society for Human Resource Management survey (SHRM), 81% of US employees reported overall job satisfaction with their current job (2013).  This is unchanged from 2012.

Now, this may be a bit surprising.  You might have been expecting a lower satisfaction number.  But, do all of those people truly LOVE their career?  Or are they just “satisfied”?

The SHRM study reported the top aspects of Career Satisfaction rated as “very important” by employees.  In order, they are:

  • Compensation/Pay
  • Job Security
  • Opportunities to use skills/abilities
  • Relationship with immediate supervisor
  • Benefits
  • Organization’s financial stability
  • The work itself

What hierarchy would you put these topics in?  Are there others, like flexibility, community impact, or personal financial growth that should be on your list?

Becoming a business owner may actually take those satisfied with their career to the next level – loving their career.  If you want to “love” your career as a business owner, you’ll need to find passion in a business that provides the opportunity to meet or exceed personal and financial goals.  The key to loving your business is finding a great fit!

And, that’s where I can help!  As a FranNet Consultant, I can introduce you to FranNet’s exclusive matchmaking process.  We take into account your skills, abilities, financial goals and lifestyle ambitions to connect you to different franchise concepts.  We’ll get to know what you are passionate about – and find the right franchise for you.

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