Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More than Half of US Workers to be Independent by 2020?

In 2011, MBO Partners (a provider of management services to independent professionals) made a prediction that freelancers, consultants and other independent workers will reach a total of 65 to 70 million by 2020.  This will make up over half of the expected workfare at that time.

Just recently, the same organization, MBO Partners, mentioned that 2015 would be a Key Pivot Point for the future of work.  It was noted in the discussion that it would be this year that Americans accept and adapt to the rapidly growing self-employment trend, focusing on ways to make it an easier and safer work arrangement for all involved.

Are you prepared for self-employment?
Whether you are looking to remain in the industry you’ve been in for years, or are looking to make a change into a completely new environment, self-employment can be attainable by many.  However, education on the options is key to finding the best fit for you.

Let us help you explore the options:  Independent Contractor, Entrepreneur, or Franchise Owner.  Begin by attending one of our free educational events on Business Ownership Options where we’ll discuss the reasons individuals explore business ownership, as well as three business ownership options.  There will be a deep dive into the franchise industry during this program, including regulations, investment levels, debunking myths and finding a great fit. 

Our next featured event will be web-based on February 18, 2015.  Learn more and register here: www.frannet.com/bbetser

You can also look to the right of the screen for any other local seminars or webinars that are coming soon. 

About FranNet
As a FranNet franchise placement specialist, I provide free services and consultation to help aspiring business owners focused on franchising – including our exclusive matchmaking system that can help you pair with a franchise looking to expand in the area.  We’ll take your transferable skills, values and interests into mind – as well as other factors including your lifestyle and whether you would like to own a business as a career, an investment, or both.

Remember, all of my services, consultations and seminars are totally free.  You can contact me as well at bbetser@frannet.com or 616-891-1374.

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