Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's Start At The End, You Just Retired

Its many years in the future, and you have just officially retired.  You just finished life as a franchise owner, and now you are ready to enjoy rest and relaxation.

Did you enjoy working for yourself?
Its a sense of liberation being your own boss.  Your rules.  You didn't have to worry about an immediate supervisor and if they were satisfied with your work.  You didn't have to worry about your supervisors boss who you have maybe seen five times in five years.  I won't even bring up the corporate suits you have never met that can change your life by a simple order down the corporate ladder.

Did you take on the world and succeed?
You took challenges head on.  You didn't break.  The business you built still stands.  In fact, you may have opened up new locations.  You created.  In fact, you may have created positions for your family and truly created a business legacy.

Did you retire in a much better financial position?
Investments are never guaranteed.  But, savings accounts lose money if you consider inflation.  Stocks go up and stocks go down.  You invested in something
YOU control, you invested in yourself.  You may have had to work hard.  You were successful, you made it happen!

Now lets time travel from the present to retirement as noted above?  What options can you consider to find retirement by modes noted above?
Franchise ownership isnt something that most entrepreneurs immediately think of, but truly is a viable option to consider.  Just imagine, someone elses successful idea and YOU GET TO USE IT.  You dont have to worry about creating a product, service or brand.  You are being handed the ball run with it!

Start the process of finding your vehicle to retirement today, join me for one of these two free events:
·       September 30:  Business Ownership Options
o   This free seminar introduces you to the world of franchising, including entry strategies, financing, categories, and more.  Learn if franchising could be a path for achieving your goals, and if so, how to go about finding the right fit for you!
o   9:30am in Grand Rapids, MI
·       October 16:  SIGNATURE EVENT Michigan Franchise Forum Meet the Franchisors Expanding in Michigan
o   Learn about several premier franchise companies that are poised for continued expansion in our state and meet their franchise development executives. 
o   This event includes presentations on franchise due diligence, financing, the “State of Franchising,” Q & A sessions, and more!
o   3:30pm in Grand Rapids, MI

If you have any questions about franchising or one of my upcoming events, please contact me at 616-891-1374 or

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