Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Entrepreneurial Football: Team “Franchise” or Team “You”

Have you been thinking about the best way to start your own business? You know you can be a STAR because you have the drive to take on a difficult challenge. It’s just like being a quarterback. Will your talent and drive take you to down the field for a big score? When it comes to starting a business, you have a couple of options. Are you going to with the veteran Team Franchise? Or, will you go with your very own expansion team?

Team Franchise:  You
Team You:  You

Running Back, Wide Receivers, Linemen
Team Franchise:  Your “scouts” (franchisors) know key characteristics to look for in supporting talent. In some cases, they may help you find a manager.
Team You:  Do you know the right people? Do you know what to look for?

Team Franchise:  Your franchisor is there to support you. They have proven systems that have worked.
Team You:  Your on your own, looking for advice … Separate what you think will work, what won’t work.

Offensive Coordinator
Team Franchise:  Fellow franchisees can support you and let you know what has worked, what hasn’t worked.
Team You:  Do you have trusted people to help you out? Do you have people that will give you advice that you might now want?

The Playbook
Team Franchise:  A proven operations manual, computer systems, and other processes that have driven others down the field. There are times when you can audible and call your own plays.
Team You:  You are calling the shots. The question remains, what if you are up against a defense that you have never seen before.

Team Franchise:  The brand may have local fans that know what to expect.
Team You:  Your starting out with friends and family. You have to get more people to root for you.

Both Team Franchise and Team You are both viable options. In fact, the franchisors at one time were on their own “Team You.” But, as you can see in the above comparison … “Team You” starts out truly as you alone. “Team Franchise” has a developed support system to help you get down the field.

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