Thursday, February 13, 2014

Give Yourself a Valentine’s Gift – Learn About Doing What You Love as a Career!

We are coming up on Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to write about love.  Now, since this is a blog about franchising – only one topic made sense.  Do what you love!

I started the process of writing this article by doing a simple Google search of “doing what you love – franchise.”  The following categories came up on the first page of the search.
- Dog Training
- Bakery
- Personal Training
- Sports Coaching
- Party Planning

The beauty of franchising is that you can do what you love, and someone has figured out the way to turn what you love into a business.


There may be many different ways to look at what you love and start a business.

For example, franchises focusing on a love for animals can provide numerous different business options for consideration.

As that prior Google search indicated, a pet focused franchise is just one of the many franchised business concepts are out there.   Many people are looking for products and services focused on their four-legged member of the family.


After spending over 10 years with a non-medical home care franchise training, supporting and recruiting franchise owners on an international level, I decided it was time to do something on my own.  But it had to be something that gave me greater control over my schedule.  It needed to be something with less travel away from home, something with greater flexibility.

When I began searching for a business of my own, I considered several different options, even the option of starting a business on my own.  It quickly became apparent to me that I really didn’t know what I wanted.

Thank goodness for the FranNet system of assessment and business model creation, as it’s this process that allowed me to focus on what I wanted from a business, and not necessarily what the business or industry was.

Now, I have found a love and passion that I never knew I had in coaching others through the very same process I myself went through.

Now here we are three years later and I still love the business and lifestyle FranNet has given me! The decision was certainly a leap of faith at the time, but it’s proven to be quite successful for me!


A small percentage of people can say they are truly doing what they love, but many more could be!  I want to help you get to that point.  All of my services, consultations, events and webinars are FREE!

Let’s talk about what you love.  I can help identify business opportunities that align with what you want to do and the lifestyle you want to live.  Wouldn’t you love to be your own boss?  Wouldn’t you love to set your own schedule?  Give me a call 616-891-1374 or email me at

Mark your calendar for 2/18, as I am holding a seminar in Grand Rapids, MI entitled “Franchising as a Career, an Investment, or Both!”  We will go over franchising basics and how you can find a franchise that fits your lifestyle wants and needs!  For more information, visit  You can also contact me via the methods in the previous paragraph.

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