Monday, November 18, 2013

Giving Thanks for a Support System

Being an entrepreneur can be tough. But those that took the jump into business ownership through franchising have thanks to give for the support systems that make it a little easier to deal with those ups and downs business owners experience.

With franchising, franchise owners have access to two key components of a support system:
  1. A Franchise Family – The minute you launch your new franchise, you have access to a franchise family – a group of individuals that have been in your shoes before, and know what its like to start up a franchise in your specific brand. Not only that, but they all share a vested interest in helping THE BRAND succeed. 

  2. Franchise Support Team – Remember, as you do well, your company does well. That’s why you’ll find dedicated members of the corporate franchise team assisting with your ongoing support needs. And, since most franchise models require a royalty fee go back to the main company, this seems pretty obvious – it’s one of those services you get as a franchisee in return for your royalty payments. 
And don’t forget about FranNet! Because we’re a local based franchise consulting firm, you’ll have the support of our network as you launch your new business too! Whether you’re looking for real estate, need a cleaning company or handyman, or even are looking for office furniture, FranNet can help.

If the aforementioned sound like a great ways to be in business but you aren’t sure how to find a franchise that is best for you, consider contacting FranNet. We are here to help match you up with franchised concepts to research that fit your lifestyle and goals. And keep in mind; all of our consultations, seminars and events are FREE to you!

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