Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Plan A, Plan B, Plan Z and Plan F-Squared …"

When it comes to careers, most Americans have pursued Plan A. Plan A is that “steady” job with reliable income and benefits. Working “40” hours a week, coming home and eating dinner with your spouse and children (unless you’re a Road Warrior). Plan B is the fallback career. With the recession changing the economic face of the country over the past few years, maybe you were forced into a Plan B. Maybe Plan B is a lower-paying job a few steps back. Maybe Plan B is doing some on-the-side consulting until the next Plan A job comes around.

Just a few weeks ago, Deroit Free Press Business Columnist, Josh Linkner, introduced us to Plan Z. It may stand for Zoom, Zap, or Zig Zag. In essence, it’s the dream plan. What would you do if you could do whatever you wanted? How could you make the biggest impact on the world? What would you want to be remembered for? According to Linkner, this could be “the plan that you had in mind before you learned all the things that could go wrong. The plan that you’d pursue if you knew you couldn’t fail. Plan Z is your Road Map for things going INCREDIBLY RIGHT instead of horribly wrong.” 

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

So, how do you get there? This is where Plan F–Squared comes in … the first F stands for FranNet. Let me show you how to get from point A or point B to point Z. There are franchise concepts in a vast array of fields, and for almost every type of personality imaginable.

The second F in Plan F-Squared stands for free. All of my services, consultation, seminars, webinars and experience are yours for free. No catch.

A great place to start the “journey to Z” is at Michigan Franchise Forum, Meet the Franchisors Expanding in West Michigan.  These franchisors will speak on their different business models and how they can work for you. Tips on franchise due diligence will also be presented, and a franchise financing expert will discuss your funding options.

This showcase is on October 8 in Grand Rapids, MI. Visit for more information and to RSVP. Contact me at or 616-891-1374 for more information.

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