Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Top 10 Reasons You Should MEET THE FRANCHISORS

FranNet of West Michigan, Buy Michigan Now, and SCORE present "Meet the Franchisors - West Michigan Franchise Forum."  This is your chance to learn more about Michigan-based Franchisors poised for expansion in West Michigan.  Here’s my top 10 reasons why should you attend this event.

10.  LEARN ABOUT FRANCHISING - Franchising is a highly viable method of entrepreneurship that leverages another business concept (for a fee), giving you a chance to make money off of another's successful idea, brand and practices.  There is always risk when starting a business, but wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to an opportunity that’s already had proven success?

9.  LEARN ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES THAT YOU MAY HAVE NEVER CONSIDERED - There may be a McDonald's and Starbucks on every corner, but maybe there is a need in your area for tax services, oil changes, or a hair salon?  There are many different types of franchises out there, and Meet the Franchisors (along with FranNet) can help you discover a franchise concept that fits your expertise, schedule, and initial investment.

8.  TASTY SNACKS – Cookies and Coffee provided!  Yes, that’s right! We’ll get you through that afternoon “lull” with caffeine and sugar at the event.   Don’t get too excited, its nothing fancy, by enough to get you through that afternoon lull and keep your stomach from growling!

7.  TALK TO FRANCHISE REPRESENTATIVES ONE-ON- ONE -  Each representative will discuss their business and answer questions about ownership in a group setting.  After that, you will be able to talk directly to those representatives.

6.  LEARN MORE ABOUT MICHIGAN - We won't talk about former senators or how the Mackinac Bridge was constructed, but you will learn more about which opportunities are available in specific areas in Michigan.  Franchising allows you to purchase exclusive rights to an area, so come to "Meet the Franchisors" to learn more about what opportunities are available in your backyard.

5.  LEARN ABOUT YOUR POTENTIAL - It may seem difficult to start a business, let alone come up with the initial investment to start the business.  People are starting franchises all of the time, and you can ask the questions about success stories and learn if you can truly start a business.

4.  LEARN ABOUT THE FINANCES - Franchise representatives, a franchise financing expert and FranNet counselors will be there to tell you more about financing a franchise and teach you how franchising can truly become a great investment.  

3.  LEARN ABOUT FRANCHISING AS A CAREER - This can be your job.  Being your own boss can have its rewards, and you can learn how successful franchise operators can find the right management and employees to take you along the road to success.  

2.  LEARN ABOUT AVAILABLE RESOURCES - Not only are the professionals from FranNet available to help you, so are fellow franchise business owners and area developers.  FranNet offers free consulting and services to help guide you into owning a business.  The franchise's fellow business owners and area developers also want to help!  Everyone under the franchise umbrella is truly a team - as your success helps them to be successful.  

1.  LEARN ABOUT YOU - After all of the discussion and questions, you'll learn about you.  Think you can do it?  You'll have access to a wealth of knowledge and options, help and resources.  The next step is all about you.  Does that little voice inside your head want to know more and find out if you truly can do it? ... then all you have to do is take that next step – attend the event to learn more about how FranNet can help!  

Are you ready for this great chance to learn more about the potential of franchising?  Meet the Franchisors – Michigan Franchise Forum takes place on 3/21 at 2:00pm in Grand Rapids, MI.  For more information, please visit or contact me at 616-891-1374 or    

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