Monday, February 25, 2013

Is it Time for an ENCORE?

The Oscars highlighted an array of musical acts last night, with many performers receiving standing ovations. Jennifer Hudson, Shirley Bassey and the cast of Les Miserables gave memorable performances that left the crowd wanting more.

Now, is it time for your encore?

A new trend is sweeping the business world, known as “encore entrepreneurship.” Picture this, doing what you love and giving back to the community – definitely worthy of a standing ovation.

According to a Kaufman Foundation study, the age group that saw the most entrepreneurial activity from 1996 to 2010 was those in the 55-64 year old bracket.  These entrepreneurs have been through the corporate world once before, and now are back for more!  This time, focusing on a true passion and even donating a little bit to charity, which helps to keep them pushing to make a difference.
FranNet is here to help you find what you are passionate about – providing free consulting services to make a great match.  Are you more comfortable around numbers and spreadsheets?  Do you thrive on delighting customers with exceptional service? Do like the idea of providing our senior community with a more comfortable and safe home environment? Are you a car nut and want to help keep everyone’s vehicle in running order?  We can help match you with franchisors that are expanding in Michigan, and are looking for your particular transferable skills and passions! 

Want to learn more about where you might fit?  On Wednesday, March 20 at 3pm, don’t miss your opportunity to "Meet the Franchisors Expanding in Michigan" at the Michigan Franchise Forum. This is your free chance to learn more about the franchise selection process and to hear from a variety of MICHIGAN-based franchisors that are still expanding in our great state.  Learn about their business concept, and ask them questions 1-on-1.  You might find something you truly could see yourself doing as your ENCORE!

For more information, please visit or contact me at 616-891-1374 or

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