Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Open Your Eyes to Opportunities in FRANCHISING!!

A DAY IN THE LIFE of an “every day” family:

6:00 am
-  ALARM:  Up for the day, first thing – take Vitamins, then re-heat yesterday’s Egg McMuffin

7:00 am 
- Get dressed – clothes from the Dry Cleaning bag delivered to your home

7:30 am
- Off to the Fitness Center for a workout

8:30 am
- Off to work, via the Coffee Shop on the way

9:00 am
- Personal phone calls
  1. Confirm with Hair Salon that no appt is needed on Friday evening
  2. Make appt to take car in for Dent Repair
  3. Request quote from Window Cleaning Specialist
  4. Check in with Senior Care agency for Grandmother in NC
  5. Confirm Housekeeping Service for cleaning on Friday
  6. Renew membership at Massage Therapy Studio

9:30 am
- Work Phone calls
  1. Meet with Business Coach and discuss progress toward monthly goals
  2. Confirm Catering Service for lunch
  3. Call Staffing Company for new employee
- Errands:
  1. Pick up pictures from Framing Shop
  2. Pick up Garage Sale Signs for Saturday
  3. Pick up Anniversary Party invitations from Printer
  4. Ship Grandma’s birthday present to her in NC
  5. EAT Catered Lunch
1:30 pm
- Back to work:
  1. Meet with IT Specialist on computer maintenance needs
  2. Meet with Shipping Expense Reduction Consultant
  3. Meet with the A/R Factoring Consultant to improve cash flow
  4. Call Commercial Cleaning Company to discuss increasing service from three to five nights per week
5:00 pm
- Pick up daughter from After School Art Program

5:30 pm
- Take Son to Math Tutor

6:00 pm
- Stop at the Auto Dealer and check out that Customized car

6:30 pm 
- Make it home in time to meet the Handyman to have that cabinet repaired

7:00 pm
- Just enough time for a quick family dinner at the neighborhood Fast-Casual Restaurant

8:00 pm
- Meet with Floor & Window Coverings advisor in your home

10:00 pm 
- Go to BED – it’s been a long day!! Lie down and relax on your new Temperature and Pressure Sensitive Mattress!

As you can see, there are a lot of different industries that have franchised options.  If you are interested in starting your own business, and want to further discuss the multitude of different options that are available - reach out to FranNet of Michigan to further learn more about franchising.  Visit our web site at www.michiganfranchiseforum.com, or contact us using our information below:

·    West side of Michigan:  Brigitte Betser, 616-891-1374, bbetser@frannet.comfacebook.com/wmifranchise@frannetofwestmi

·    East side of Michigan:  Mark Cory, 313-821-5060, mcory@frannet.comfacebook.com/MFF.FranNet@markcory

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - Troy, MI
"Franchising as a Career, an Investment, or Both"
Office of Derderian, Kann, Seyferth & Salucci
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Wednesday, August  29, 2012 - Cascade, MI
"FranNet's Buy Your Own Business Series - An inside look at the fast-casual dining industry"
Zoup! - Cascade, MI
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